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Skyline Indie Film Fest

7 N. Loudoun Street

Winchester, VA 22601

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Brian Patrick

Brian Patrick

Festival Director, Pulling Focus Co-Host

Brian Patrick has worked in a cinema since he was 13 years old and is a lifelong lover of movies. He is the founder and director of Skyline Indie Film Fest in Winchester Virginia and co-host on the movie and filmmaking podcast Pulling Focus. He and his wife own and operate the Winchester Book Gallery in historic Old Town Winchester and together they support and foster arts and culture in their community.

Brian’s hobbies are numerous but include organizing things poorly, beekeeping, sailing, being a tech geek and doing things the hard way.

He misses his days in the US Marine Corps and is especially appreciative for veterans. He thinks you should be, too.

He is a jack of all trades and a master of two. He’s overweight and underpaid but generally pretty happy.

He’s pretty sure he invented podcasting in 1997 but was talked out of it by an old, fat white guy. Thanks a lot Mr. Snider.