We can’t wait to say hit the bricks to 2020, the absolute worst year in generations! But even though last year was terrible we did have a few good to great-ish things happen. Including, miraculously, making Pulling Focus for a whole year (almost).

This episode we talk about shows so good they’re untouchable. Can you remake M*A*S*H? The answer is no. Just no, you can’t. Is there quality entertainment on YouTube? Comparable to network or cable television? Those scripted shows are out there but the reality type programming that ruined MTV is pretty damn good on YouTube. And you can make it as varied and custom as you dare. Shows we recommend include Cinema Therapy, The Crafsman Show, and Millenial Movie Monday and Cinemassacre for your viewing pleasure.

Wonder Woman 1984. That happened. Moving on.

Finally Mick and Brian talk about directors. Are you a director hound? Is anything that Spielberg does going to be something you will definitely see? What about Soderbergh? Greengrass? How about Ridley Scott? Or are you more free spirited and let the zeitgeist guide you to the theater? Has a director ever let you down? Be honest!

We’re looking forward to stepping up our game as soon as we can. 2021 is the year of Pulling Focus! Make sure you visit The Scene Snobs.com and Skyline Indie Film Fest on all social media, we can’t wait to chat you to death!

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