It’s the first episode of year two for Pulling Focus! Thanks for joining us on the ride!

This week we try to stay on our topic of political films. As usual, we have a fun trip down the tangent highway. We ultimately bring it back around to our chosen topic of choice, why we watch and what constitutes the genre. Is it top level government? Is it workplace politics? Is it historical? Factual? We talk about it all.

Netflix’s announcement of 70 new films this year didn’t escape us either. What is the Academy going to do? They’ll have to recognize these films in a year when hardly anything went out for theatrical exhibition. Won’t they?

So many of the new films coming out on the streamers, in theaters and even in the submission pool for Skyline are pandemic or lockdown based. How long will this global phenomena impact the subject of film media?

Turns out we love Forest Whitaker. You should, too!

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