What happens when you delay recording because one host is under the weather? In this case the host doesn’t prepare! That would be me, Brian. But somehow we pulled a show from thin air. We laughed a lot and got pretty serious about the stock market (this truly is a film podcast, I swear) there at the end.

Take this ride with us as we discuss not being prepared and get good naturedly critical about ourselves and the show. There’s a segment where I don’t remove the “uhs” and “ums” and I leave in the dog barks just to demonstrate how the show goes from raw to polished. We laugh, you will, too.

Brian has been watching a lot of new films and that includes a lot of period pieces. Mick posed the question of period correct language; should it be softened in these enlightened times or should it reflect reality? You can follow Brian’s list on Letterboxd.

The tangent this week is the meme stock debacle that happened over the last week of January. We love it! Stay strong nerds and eat the rich!

Mick has new shows joining him on the Scene Snobs channels and teases with some big COMING SOON news that he can’t quite share details on just yet.

Catch Mick over at The Scene Snobs Channel and visit Skyline Indie Film Fest for all your festival news.

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