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This show is special! We have five short filmmakers on the show today and they each were kind enough to come on Pulling Focus to discuss their films and filmmaking.

First up, Thom Hilton and his family touchstone, short documentary One Drift and We All Go Home. Kenai, Alaska. July 1998. Commercial fishing has been closed for nine days. Dozens of workers have lost nearly an entire year’s income waiting for regulations to lift all while a nearby tourist spot teems with joyfully unregulated sportfishermen.

Next up, we speak with Tennessean filmmakers, Kevin Keck & Brandon Evans, about their film Manufactured Luck. Manufactured Luck dives into the day to day life of a young Appalachian girl and her grandfather as the two attempt to win a bike in a local grocery store sweepstakes.

The delightful Kamari Bright is in our third segment with her film Family Recipe where a young girl’s baking lesson from her grandfather teaches her acceptance as she learns the similarities between ingredients and people.

Finally, our final segment is with the ever charming Rodney Stringfellow. Returning to Skyline with his latest film Everybody Don’t Electric Slide. At a large family gathering after a funeral, an older woman confronts an awkward young man she doesn’t recognize. In order to reveal his identity, she forces him to use a haunted typewriter that will only type the truth.

Recording this Filmmaker’s Showcase was a blast. Remember, tickets for all these short films and everything else programmed at Skyline Indie Film Fest are available now at Thank you to everyone who took the time to help us foster the indie spirit.

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