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First on the show for Filmmaker Showcase #2 we have the lovely Hyten Davidson! Her film, The West Virginian Starfish details a faithful night just off the Appalachian Trail. After the mysterious exit of her father, Carly is stuck with his old mission, picking up defeated thru-hikers from The Appalachian Trail. One hiker’s companionship over the course of a night, however, will set Carly on a new path forever.

Next we have Al Julian, Skyline rookie, discussing his short film GIFT, in which a jaded alcoholic has his world view challenged by an unexpected act. See the trailer and get your tickets to this impressive short, streaming at Skyline this year.

Back at Skyline with another amazing short drama is Aslak Danbolt. He impressed the hell out of us a few years back with his film Last Base and we can’t wait to share his latest, MAMMA, with you all! It’s Christmas Eve and Synnøve is searching for her drug-addicted daughter Michelle in an almost desolate city. Filmed with amateur actors whose real lives are portrayed in the film. Incredible!

We wrap today’s episode with the filmmaking duo we’re sure you’re going to be hearing a lot about. Frank Mosley and Hugo De Sousa bring us THE EVENT. It’s 2 AM, and Vince just wants to know why. Is this not the best logline in the world?

Recording these Filmmaker’s Showcases is a blast. I see many more of these in our future!

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