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First on the show for Filmmaker Showcase #4 is Skyline alum, Anil Dhokai. Anil and Strawhouse Pictures are back in Winchester with Unblocked a short sci-fi comedy about aliens whose cloaking device malfunctions. It’s a fun film with a great punchline!

Another Skyline alum, Kai Brown discusses the short film True Crime, made by Brown and her production partner Kimberly Rizzo. A standalone second installment in their Feminist Thriller Trilogy and follow up the short Judy. We’re already chomping at the bit for film three!

Newcomer to Skyline but a familiar face on many shows you love, Kelly Campbell is next. Her award winning short film An Encounter takes a look at a life altering day when to acquaintances agree to ditch school and tool around Dublin. Adapted from one of Joyce’s short stories in Dubliners, this modern take will shake you.

Mike Madigan is up next on the show. His film, Second Gen is a trip across the uncanny valley! When a seemingly good idea isn’t received as well as hoped.

Wrapping up the episode is our friend Barry Thornburg. His film From the Soul brings us into the world of spirited gospel choirs. As Black Gospel music is cast into the popular music spotlight by the likes of Kanye and Snoop Dogg, longtime practitioners strive to remind the world that it isn’t simply a fashionable aesthetic, but an agent of social change and of spiritual salve.

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