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About Pulling Focus

Pulling Focus brings you the best conversations and discussions about movies and filmmaking including new, undistributed independent films from around the corner and around the world.

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Episode 6: Still Remote. Still Quarantined. Still Talking Movies.

Mick and Brian are still recording remotely and all that comes along with that is in this episode. But choosing to look ahead and not focus on little distractions, join us as we discuss the films and shows we’ve been watching, the difference between a bad movie and an unwatchable movie, the abundance of entertainment, China opened and closed theaters again, AMC make an responsible decision, streaming new films (almost) day and date, will there be a dearth of new films now that production has stopped?

Most importantly we talk about capitalizing on the time we are having to spend in quarantine while making sure to take care of yourself.


Episode 6    | March 31, 2020 |    01:19:42

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Brian Patrick

Brian Patrick


Mick Manhattan

Mick Manhattan


What’s to say? Brian and Mick met at the theater, Brian was selling Leonard Maltin books, Mick was buying Leonard Malting books. Our conversation quickly led to movies, filmmaking and ultimately podcasting. We decided it would be a tremendously good idea to team up and host a completely new show called PULLING FOCUS.

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