Lynn Shelton, Fred Willard, Reading Scripts and Getting Back Into Theaters

This week we celebrate the lives and work of Lynn Shelton and Fred Willard and the talent and inspiration they have given to so many people.

Skyline Indie Film Fest has some great news! We have partnered with Eventive to go virtual for out 8th festival. That’s right, Skyline continues in 2020 and we are super excited for the new opportunities that this new platform provides. We have big plans and can’t wait to share them with you. Brian and Mick go deep into script reading, script doctoring and delve into outlines and treatments finally landing in the television spec writing world.

We revisit getting back to theatrical viewing. The cinematic experience is under a critical eye from many. The Scene Snob and I discuss our varying takes on our experiences pre-quarantine including the revival of drive-ins due to the quarantine and we share a heartfelt love letter to cinema.

Finally, we share our indie film recommended watch for this week, two movie from the 1990s you should not miss.

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