Pulling Focus Ep 12: Father's Day Favorites, Drive-Ins Ramping Up & Cinemas Open This July.
Father’s Day Favorites, Drive-Ins Ramping Up & Cinemas Open This July

This week on Pulling Focus Mick and Brian go hard on some of their favorite movies to watch with their fathers and about great movie dads. From John Wayne and Disney classics to some real tear-jerking dramas and a few Anderson-cult fare. Some you’ll find obvious but you might find a few that are a surprise.

Drive-Ins coming to the rescue, filling the cinematic void with repertory film and we’re loving it! It’s not the best cinematic experience but the it’s the experience we need. Besides it’s a piece of Americana that can’t be denied!

Finally we discuss the proposed opening of cinemas on July 15, 2020. Safety precautions they plan to take and how likely are Brian and Mick to jump back into theaters. Well, it depends…

Point of interest for this episode, the audio is a little rough for about the first 50 seconds of the show, it gets better so hang in there. Also, things change quickly in this crazy world and we discuss theaters opening up on July 15 and not requiring masks for the audience as part of their safety protocol. Well that didn’t last 24 hours and now it’s every corporate theaters’ plan to require masks in their auditoriums. As they should.

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