SkIFF Selections, Carl & Rob Reiner, Hamilton, All I Can Say & so much more!

This week we go into great detail about the selection process for Skyline Indie Film Fest and the hell it is to choose what’s in and what’s out. The pressure is real, my friends!

We have a fond and wandering remembrance of Carl Reiner that takes us down the road of zombie movies of all places. Which is good because Mick found an Australian zombie flick and said it’s the best he’s every seen. And it’s probably call UNDEAD. Maybe. Ultimately we end up on a Rob Reiner movie rant because someone said the writer director of so many beloved films was no good! With regard to pretentiousness in filmmaking we have no patience.

Hamilton made its television debut and I think the whole world watched. Mick had never seen the show or heard the music. I’ve had the music memorized for years now but had never seen the show. We both loved it!

We discuss other movies but go pretty deep into ALL I CAN SAY, the Shannon Hoon/Blind Melon doc from Oscilloscope. It turns out Blind Melon had a huge impact on me and I was never really aware of it until I found myself watching this doc, crying on the couch. Emotions are wild, man.

As always, there is is huge amount of new content on The Scene Snobs Channel on Soundcloud and YouTube so check them out because its the right thing to do!

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