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Brian and Mick go deep into the martial arts rabbit hole this week when we start talking about Cobra Kai. All our favorite karate and kung fu movies come up and how they inspired us to get into all kinds of trouble as kids. Hong Kong cinema and martial arts in Black Cinema make an appearance as we discuss some of our favorite hard to find fight films. Oh, apparently there is a mewing cat in the score of Bloodsport. Research that at your own peril.

We get in to The Exorcist remake and ponder how it could be scary in this day and age, we worry about performing The Princess Bride with Scripts Gone Wild, debate having a podcast-a-thon and what that might look like. Brian make some how-to videos for using Eventive and Mick has a huge Star Trek week going on right now with lots and lots and lots of guests!

Skyline’s line up is available, passes and tickets now on sale! You can get all caught up with Mick and his guests at The SceneSnobs.

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