Hey Mick, I think our hangovers are showing… Episode 18 is a rough and tumble sort of show. Brian and Mick are all out of sorts from The Princess Bride Live Read with the best bad influencers, Scripts Gone Wild. We want to say a special thanks to the SGW team, which is Billy Ray Brewton and to all the friends he cast. You’ll have to watch the show to see who was cast as whom!

Tristan Cunningham, Tawny Traversa, Lori Hovermale, Mick Manhattan, Mary Kimball, Kenzo Lee, Khalilah Joi, Leilani Barrett, Kate Walker, Jacob Brent, Frank Deitz, Aaron LaPlante, Faye Guerra and Ben Hethcoat.

Despite the pounding in our heads we come up a new motto, Don’t Be Dumb. Seems reasonable. We also manage to discuss films that played at Skyline and get a bit into what we like about indie films the most.

Somehow we find ourselves on the very serious topic of toxic masculinity in movies and the impact it has had on us, the bad examples given by pop culture, the slow change that is currently taking place in movies and other important topics as well.

Then it all gets ruined by some ridiculous franchise taking their next film into space.

You can get all caught up with Mick and his guests at The SceneSnobs.

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