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This week we have Jack Sholder on the show! Director of so many great genre titles such as Alone in the Dark, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, The Hidden and Mick’s favorite Tales from the Crypt episode, Fitting Punishment. Special note; Jack’s first film, The Garden Party, is available on Youtube for free.

Jack comes in hot with taking a stage name to match Mick, describing how you can only get a good cheesesteak in Philadelphia and Jersey City diners. Small talk aside this episode is practically a master class in directing and filmmaking in general. Organization during pre-production, keeping a director’s book and working with big name talent. Most importantly, knowing why you are shooting the film and each scene. Why are you having an actor say something this way. Asking the deeper questions to discover motivation like a detective.

We could have gone on for hours with Jack Sholder and we are so glad he took the time to join on Pulling Focus. Jack, you have a standing invitation to dinner, our treat, at our finest Indian restaurant when you find yourself in Winchester again. Thanks for taking the time!

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