The greatest book ever written on screenwriting?

Brian and Mick are back again remotely with the latest episode of Pulling Focus. We can’t wait to get back into the studio together but we’re still remotely podcasting the show because we are highly responsible adults and we are in self quarantine. You should be, too! This one would have been a great conversation in person because Mick is so passionate about screenwriting.

This Week We’re Discussing

  • Friday the 13th VI: Jason Lives on SHUDDER
  • Cursed on SHUDDER
  • Analysts fear the worst for AMC
  • Film Festival Day 2020
  • Schedule backups at studio lots
  • Screenwriting:
    • Mick goes off on an article author!
    • Young Screenwriters & John Warren offer 5 week screenwriting class for free!
    • Winchester Book Gallery & Pulling Focus offer 15% off a wide selection of books on screenwriting
      • Use code PFPSHOW at checkout

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