Getting on with it, Missing theaters, COSMOS & Loglines

Mick and Brian are back again to discuss coping without theaters during quarantine. You can’t binge enough, cook enough, sleep enough to fill the void that going out to the theater fills. But we must power through and podcast, pontificate, speculate and just laugh at the world and ourselves. This episode ran long and we considered breaking it up into two but then again, why? Why break the flow? It was a good time and we hope you enjoy our chat.

This Week We’re Discussing

  • Coping with quarantine: mowing, cooking, binging…
  • Missing the theater experience.
  • Movies that made us love movies. One of us is Star Wars, the other is Jurassic Park. Can you guess whose is whose?
  • Fandango buys VUDU.
  • What will theater play if they open before new content is ready?
  • Film Festivals becoming more than annual events…
  • COSMOS, an indie delight! Don’t miss the BTS Featurette.
  • Screenwriting:
    • Loglines, you only get one chance to make a first impression, you better be prepared.
    • Young Screenwriters free 5 week screenwriting class is still available, Brian is on week 3.
    • Winchester Book Gallery & Pulling Focus offer 15% off a wide selection of books on screenwriting
      • Use code PFPSHOW at checkout.

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