Two Writer/Directors, Four Actors, Three Crew: The Indie Filmmakers of COSMOS

This week Pulling Focus has our first guest interviews. Brian and Mick have a great chat with the sibling writer/director team Elliot and Zander Weaver. Joining us from their library in Birmingham, UK and they are delightful! You’ve rarely met such down to earth, charming and grateful people this talented. Pulling Focus expects great things from these two in the future and they deserve it.

We get into the story of their incredible indie feature COSMOS, how it came about, how it was made over 5 years on a next to nothing budget and so much more.

Mick and I can’t recommend this film enough and we are queued up for COSMOS merch as soon as it’s available. Once you see this sci-fi feature you’ll want some for yourself, too!

Keep your ears open and on frequency 1420.163 listening for #astro-nuts and #jurassiccampground, it’s worth it!


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