What does “indie” mean to you?

Here at Skyline Indie Film Fest, indie means off the beaten path. It means doing something because you love it. It means overcoming obstacles that could be swept aside if you only had a few more dollars in your bank account. By getting your message across through the use of resourcefulness and adaptability. It means taking initiative, being responsible, and getting in the face of and not backing down from obstacles, naysayers, and detractors. The indie spirit is alive and well and here, we support, embrace, and celebrate it. Help us…

Foster the Indie Spirit!

Recent News

  • 2014 Festival Passes – On Sale NOW!

    Since Rally in the Alley and our most recent trip to Indie Grits in Columbia, SC, we’ve been lovingly harassed and harangued to put the Skyline Festival passes on sale earlier than August 1, 2014. Well, we listen to our people! Festival passes are on sale now on this very site and you can find […][Keep reading...]

  • Skyline Update for April!

    April has been insane! We are ramping up for a great festival weekend in September and it’s so amazing to have the level of community support we are receiving from the Old Town Winchester merchants! So many merchants are offering their spaces as a screening venue, so many restaurants have asked to participate, and everyone […][Keep reading...]

  • “Closer” to “her”

    Sometimes when I see a film it sticks with me, for better or for worse, for years.  One such was 2004’s “Closer” with the staggering ensemble cast of Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Clive Owen, and Natalie Portman.  I left that screening feeling different.  To see the cast in such believable, crass, rude, and sharp roles […][Keep reading...]

  • What A Film Festival Provides For Its Audience – J. Waddy guest blogger

    Film festivals are a great way for filmmakers to show off their films and gain recognition for their work and efforts. They are a key ingredient to independent film and the people who make it happen. Years ago film festivals were few and far between. However with independently produced films on the rise, more festivals […][Keep reading...]

What An Amazing First Festival!

Thank you all for coming out and making the inaugural Skyline Indie Film Fest a success! We're already laying the groundwork for 2014 so save the date and join us as we foster the indie spirit! September 12-14, 2014

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