Congratulations to the 2014 Skyline Indie Film Fest Winners!

Please join us in in congratulating all the winners for this year's festival! Thank you to all the filmmakers who submitted, to all the filmmakers who were present at the festival, to everyone who bought a ticket and joined us at our events! We can't do it without you!

2014 Festival Winners

Skyline and Fandor – Because we all love film

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What does “indie” mean to you?

Here at Skyline Indie Film Fest, indie means off the beaten path. It means doing something because you love it. It means overcoming obstacles that could be swept aside if you only had a few more dollars in your bank account. By getting your message across through the use of resourcefulness and adaptability. It means taking initiative, being responsible, and getting in the face of and not backing down from obstacles, naysayers, and detractors. The indie spirit is alive and well and here, we support, embrace, and celebrate it. Help us…

Foster the Indie Spirit!

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