Episode 24 opens up with Mick quizzing Brian on which Christmas Universe would he choose to live in. Somehow that led to a discussion of “is anyone really from L.A.?”.

We talk about procedural television and dream up one that could be shot in our hometown of Winchester that’s ripe with comedy and irony.

Are old style written comedies better than just running a camera and letting two actors improv for a while? We landed in the camp that written comedies have more staying power. What do you think?

Brian has gone down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole. Is there room for blockchain and crypto in the film industry? Can the current distribution model and existing gatekeepers be turned on their heads and let the rest of us have a shot? Brian thinks there’s a chance it could happen and may be a game changer.

So much more including some fan-boying over DaVinci Resolve, getting paid your worth and the whole Warner Brother/HBOMax debacle!

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