So much can happen between shows! This week we discuss, with little enthusiasm, the 2021 OSCARS and while Mick enjoyed the new format he and Brian both feel they got some of the winners wrong. What’s an annual OSCARS show without a rant?

Mick’s channel, The Scene Snobs, held their inaugural Snobbie Awards for independent podcasts of all genres. Make sure to visit and see the winners. Maybe your show will get nominated next year and you could win your very on Snobbie Award!

Skyline’s new co-director Billy Ray was in town this past week to get a feel for the landscape and orientate himself with Winchester. Billy and Brian had a great time dreaming up new ideas for Skyline in 2021 and beyond! We even went to Dinosaurland. If you know, you know.

Brian and Mick discuss our latest watches including Mortal Kombat, Stowaway, Spontaneous and more.

Finally, in the last minutes of the show Brian issued a challenge to Mick. Before the next show we both have to shoot and edit some footage, share it with each other and we’re going to discuss it on the next show. Can’t wait to do something creative again. You’re invited to join in. Shoot a VERY short film and share it with us at and maybe we’ll be giving you a call to join us on the show!

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