We open up the show confirming that we are the undisputed tag-team world champions of filmmaking podcasts and get right into wrestling. We make a course corrections and pay our respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and how important it is to VOTE. So make sure you’re registered, find out your voting early rules, prepare to stand in line in November. It’s really important!

Next, a constant topic of conversation, state of the exhibition business. After learning that AMC and Cineworld/Regal are still struggling we talk about what we think may happen to exhibition. Are Drive-Ins the long term answer?

We try to talk Halloween season films but Brian hijacks the conversation, poo-poos pumpkin spice everything and revels in Christmas season movies. Teamwork in filmmaking, Dean Cain is a deputy in our community (what?), and we don’t usually do hashtags but if we did this show would be #hireuswellfigureitout.

Lots of great interviews at The Scene Snobs and hopefully some really big news coming for Skyline in 2021, stay tuned!

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